animal stories for kids

Animal stories for kids


1.”The Deceiving Dog’s Lesson”


Once there was a mischievous dog named Rocky. He was always up to no good and loved to deceive other animals. One day, while he was out on his usual walk, he met a hungry wolf. The wolf was in search of food and eyed Rocky as his potential prey (animal stories for kids).

Rocky knew that he was too skinny to be eaten at the moment and quickly came up with a plan to deceive the wolf. He told the wolf that his master would be throwing a wedding feast for his daughter in a few days and he would be much fatter and tastier after feasting on the scraps from the table. (animal stories for kids)

The wolf was tempted by the thought of a plump and tasty meal and agreed to spare Rocky’s life, leaving with a promise to return in a few days.

Rocky laughed as the wolf left and knew that he had successfully deceived him. He had no intention of keeping his promise and had only used the wolf’s hunger to save his own life. (animal stories for kids)

wolf returning

Days later, the wolf returned and found Rocky in his master’s yard. The wolf was excited to finally have his meal, but Rocky had other plans. He told the wolf that he would be out as soon as the porter opened the door. However, the porter was a huge dog who had a grudge against wolves.

The wolf realized that he had been deceived and ran away in fear. He learned a valuable lesson to not trust the promises of those who have an interest in deceiving him. (animal stories for kids)

Rocky, on the other hand, continued to deceive and play tricks on other animals. However, he never realized the harm he caused until one day he found himself in a similar situation as the wolf. He was tricked and left alone in a dangerous situation, realizing the pain he caused others.

From then on, Rocky changed his ways and became a loyal and trustworthy companion to all animals he met, learning that it was always better, to be honest, and truthful.


2. Birbal and the Three Hundred Gold Coins

animal stories for kids
animal stories for kids

In the court of Emperor Akbar, Birbal was known for his intelligence and wit. His wisdom was unmatched, and he was respected by all. However, there was someone who envied Birbal’s position and wanted to replace him. Akbar’s brother-in-law approached the Emperor and asked him to dismiss Birbal and appoint him as his minister.

Before Akbar could make a decision, Birbal got wind of the news and decided to resign. The Emperor’s brother-in-law was appointed as the new minister, but Akbar wanted to test his capabilities. He gave the new minister three hundred gold coins and asked him to spend them in a way that would give Akbar a hundred gold coins in this life, a hundred gold coins in the other world, and another hundred gold coins neither here nor there.

The new minister was in a fix. He spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to fulfill the Emperor’s request. Eventually, on the advice of his wife, he sought Birbal’s help. Birbal took the bag of gold coins and assured him that he would handle the situation.

Birbal went out into the city with the bag of gold coins in his hand. He noticed a rich merchant celebrating his son’s wedding and gave him a hundred gold coins, saying that they were a gift from the Emperor. The merchant was delighted and gave Birbal many expensive gifts and a bag of gold coins as a return gift for the king.(animal stories for kids)

Birbal then went to the poor area of the city and spent a hundred gold coins buying food and clothing for the needy. He distributed the items in the name of the Emperor.

Birbal spending

Finally, Birbal spent the remaining hundred gold coins on organizing a musical concert. The next day, he went to the Emperor’s darbar and announced that he had done what the king had asked the new minister to do. He explained to Akbar how he had spent the gold coins and how they fulfilled his request.

Akbar’s brother-in-law realized his mistake and resigned from his position. Birbal was reinstated as the minister.

The moral of the story is that money spent on friends is reciprocated in some form, money spent on charity becomes blessings from God, and money spent on pleasures is just wasted. Therefore, one must think carefully before spending money.


3. The Tricky Well Dispute


In the kingdom of Emperor Akbar, justice was always served to those who were wronged. One day, a farmer named Ali came to the king’s court with a complaint against his neighbor, Iqbal Khan. They shared a garden in which there was a well that belonged to Iqbal. (animal stories for kids)

Ali had purchased the well from Iqbal for irrigation purposes, but Iqbal continued to use the water from the well, which infuriated Ali. He sought justice from Emperor Akbar, who asked Iqbal to explain his actions.(animal stories for kids)

Iqbal replied, “Your majesty, I have sold the well to Ali, not the water inside it. I am still entitled to the water from the well as it is mine.”

The king turned to Birbal, who was known for his wit and intelligence, to solve the dispute. Birbal thought for a moment and then spoke up, “Iqbal, if you have sold only the well to Ali, then the water in the well does not belong to you. Therefore, you cannot keep your water inside Ali’s well without paying rent.”

Iqbal was surprised by Birbal’s response, but he could not argue against the wise minister’s logic. The king declared that Birbal had solved the dispute and awarded him for his wisdom.

Ali was satisfied with the verdict, and Iqbal learned a valuable lesson that trickery and deceit would not go unnoticed in the court of Emperor Akbar. Justice had been served, and the kingdom continued to prosper under the guidance of the wise and just Emperor and his trusted advisor, Birbal.(animal stories for kids)



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