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Pandugappa fish in Telugu, Englsh, Barramundi fish and Kalanji fish.

There are many types of Sea Bass fish, But in our country, People call  Sea Bass fish as Asian Seabass or Barramundi fish. These Sea Bass fish belong to the Perciforms genus of the Latidae family, and The word Barramundi came from the Australian Aboriginal language. The correct meaning of this word is Large-scaled river fish. These sea bass fish are mainly spread in Indo-west Pacific, Middle east, south Asia, southeast Asia, and East Asia waters. And these fish are capable of living in freshwater as well. Now let’s know about Pandugappa fish in telugu, Pandugappa fish in English, Barramundi fish and Kalanji fish in Malayalam.

About Barramundi fish

These seabass fish can grow to a maximum length of 5.9 feet, and The maximum weight of this fish is 60 kg. But seabass fish of this size has not yet been seen in our area. However, the average length of these fish ranges from 2 feet to 3.9 feet. A temperature of 26-degree centigrade to 30-degree centigrade is suitable for these Seabass to live.

This seabass fish can live in both freshwater and saltwater, and This fish is called the king of fishes. Farmers are cultivating Barramundi fish in rivers, wells, and ponds as a commercial crop in our country. These fish are entirely carnivorous and hunt and eat other fish. The food of this fish is crustaceans, Molluscs, and small fishes. Since this Barramundi fish does not have teeth in its mouth, it does not eat its food in pieces; it simply swallows its food. Farmers also feed them small dead fish cut into pieces. This fish takes a year to grow fully, and Farmers inform that the weight of these fish is three to four kg per year. In our country, farmers cultivate Barramundi fish as a commercial crop in both salt water and fresh water. These Seabass fish primarily consume as food  Tilapia fish, i.e., China Gurakalu (in Telugu)

Pandugappa fish Price

This fish ranges from 3 hundred to 400 rupees per kg. ..
This fish is called Pandugappa fish in our Telugu ( Pandugappa fish in Telugu)
In Malayalam, this fish is called Kalanji. (Kalanji fish in Malayalam)
But in English, these fish we call as Asian Seabass or Barramundi. (Pandugappa fish in English)

Health benefits


Barramundi fish
Barramundi fish

We can get the nutrients found in all fish in this Barramundi also. Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Complex Carbohydrates, Iron, Zinc, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, etc. are also available in this Barramundi fish.
1. Our body can absorb the vitamin A we get in this kalanji fish ( Kalanji fish in Malayalam) faster than the vitamin A we get in greens.
2 The vitamin B12 that we get in Kalanji (Barramundi) fish is helpful for the proper functioning our nervous system and producing new blood cells in the body.
3.Vitamin B6 that we get in Pandugappa fish ( Seabass fish in Telugu) fish helps in the production of proteins, carbohydrates, metabolism, and red blood cells in our body.
4.The vitamin C that we get in these fish protects our body from some impurities and microbes and boosts the immune system in our body.


5.Protein found in these Barramundi fish helps in the production of tissues and body structure.
6. The omega-3 fatty acids found in Seabass fish remove the bad cholesterol from the blood vessels and ensure proper blood supply in the blood vessels. (Pandugappa fish in English)
7. And The fiber found in these seabass fish helps properly digest the food we eat…
8. The potassium present in these fish is helpful in keeping our nerves healthy, maintaining blood pressure under control, and preventing problems like heart attack and stroke.
9. The calcium found in these Barramundi fish helps strengthen our bones.

10. The magnesium found in Kalanji ( Seabass fish in Malayalam) fish has the ability to convert blood sugar in our body into energy.
11. Zinc in this fish helps children grow and prevents hair loss.
12. We also get vitamin D in these fish, and Vitamin D gives strength to our bones. Fish is the only food source of vitamin D the foods.


But while these Barramundi fish are being farmed commercially, they are fed food containing some chemicals. It is suitable for our health to give naturally available foods to the fish raised naturally in freshwater wells, rivers, and ponds. (Pandugappa fish in English)

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