Flax seeds in Hindi

Flax seeds in Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Some parts of the body get benefit from certain types of food. Now let’s know about the health benefits and disadvantages of Flax seeds. Substances that provide health benefits to some parts of our body may also cause harm to other parts. In this article, we will discuss Flax seeds in Hindi name. Flax seeds  in Tamil name, Flax seeds in Malayalam name, and Flax seed’s Names and benefits .
Flax seeds are called in Hindi: Alsi Beej (Flax seeds in Hindi)
And Flax seeds are called in Tamil: Ali Vitaikal. (Flax seeds in Tamil)
And people call these seeds in Malayalam: Cheruchana vithu (Flax seeds in Malayalam)

Flax seeds benefits 

Omega 3faty Acids

Researchers have found that flax seeds are rich in “alpha linoleic acid” and omega 3 fatty acids, and also It has been found that regular use of flax seeds (“Alsi Beej” Flax seeds in Hindi) can prevent heart-related diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in most people these days. Bad cholesterol accumulates in the blood vessels, and blood supply to all body parts is not going properly. The Omega 3 fatty acids in these seeds remove the bad cholesterol from the blood vessels and increase the good cholesterol. Thus the blood supply in the blood vessels is smooth, so there is no effect on the heart. Therefore, researchers recommend eating these Flax seeds. Generally, fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, but as a vegetarian, flax seeds are the only seeds that contain 3 fatty acids. (Flax seeds in Malayalam)


The fiber present in these seeds (“Alsi Beej” Flax seeds in Hindi)   is very beneficial for our health. Fiber is very important for the proper functioning of the digestive system in our body and for losing excess weight. And Fiber plays a very prominent role in our daily life. Fiber cleanses the body and removes impurities from the body. And Fiber flushes out excess waste accumulated in the body. Fiber cleans the bowels of our body, and the fiber flushes out the dead cells and waste materials present in the bowels. Makes diarrhea easier. Fiber prevents constipation, and when the fiber is low in our body, we are also prone to bladder diseases. People suffering from Phil’s disease will benefit from consuming fiber-rich foods. Consuming fiber-rich foods daily can also prevent risks like breast cancer and colon cancer.


Researchers have found that eating these seeds can also lower blood sugar levels. But the researchers also say that the benefits of these seeds are more than the side effects. Medical companies use these seeds (“Alsi Beej” Flax seeds in Hindi) as medicines for diseases like the gastrointestinal tract, colon damage, diarrhea, colon problems, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach problems, small intestine problems, etc. It can be said that the consumption of these seeds is very high in problems like kidney problems, diabetes, weight loss, ADHD, AIDS, depression, bladder infection, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, sore throat, and cough. 


Consuming Flax Seeds (Ali Vitaikal (Flax seeds in Tamil name) as food can benefit some parts of the body but also cause harm to some parts. Healthy foods are also causing health problems in some people. Among such are flax seeds.
Researchers have found that consuming too many flax seeds can cause digestive problems. Consuming more of these seeds can increase fiber intake in our bodies. Due to high fiber, there is a possibility of stomach problems. Gastric problems, diarrhea, etc., may occur.

Doctors inform that uncooked or unroasted flax seeds are very dangerous and can lead to food poisoning.
Pregnant women and young children; Doctors advise breastfeeding mothers to avoid them.
Doctors say it can also affect pregnancy as these flax seeds work like estrogen hormones. (“Alsi Beej” Flax seeds in Hindi name)
This is purely collected information. This information is for educational purposes, and the main purpose is to bring together all the benefits of flax seeds. The items in this article you should not use directly for health benefits without consulting a Doctor. The owner of this website does not take any responsibility for that. (Flax seeds in Tamil name)


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