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Kingfish in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and Benefits

Kingfish is a middle size fish that generally grows from 5 kg to 14 kg. This kingfish is a tropical species native to the Atlantic coast of America. These fish live on India’s Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea coast. Most of these King fish live at a temperature of 20 to 29 degrees centigrade. These King fish are mostly found in the ocean at 12 to 45 meters. And we will know these fish names: Kingfish in Telugu, Kingfish in Malayalam, Kingfish in Tamil and Kingfish in Marathi.

The eggs laid by these fishes and their sperm fall into the sea, and the mating of these fishes happens unexpectedly. During spawning, this kingfish release 50 thousand to several million eggs in the water and The eggs of this fish are fertilized within 24 hours. The length of the new fish from eggs is 2.5 mm. At the age of one year, these kingfish weigh 1.4 to 1.8 kg. At the age of seven, male fish will be up to 5 kg and female fish up to 10 kg. These fish are extreme carnivores and eat other fishes for food. They can swim very fast, and these kingfish are known as sports fish also. The Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) and FLW outdoor tours also started by the name of this fish. And due to the high-fat content in this fish, the raw flesh of this fish is gray.
This fish is called in Telugu: Vanjaram (Kingfish in Telugu)
And this fish is callled inMalayalam: Kadal Viral, Mottah, Motha. (Kingfish in Malayalam)
In Tamil, this fish is called: Vajjiram, Kadal Viral, and Neimeen. ( Kingfish in Tamil)
And this fish is called in Marathi: Sakala fish (Kingfish in Marathi)

Let us now know about the health benefits of this kingfish.

1. Source of VitaminA

Generally, we know that green vegetables contain vitamin A, but our bodies can easily absorb the vitamin A present in these kingfishes.

2. Source of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is very important for the nervous system in our body to work correctly and for producing new red blood cells. If this vitamin is lacking in our body, problems such as forgetfulness, lethargy, and urinary incontinence will occur. If we eat this kingfish, we can get vitamin B12 also.


We can also get vitamin B6 by taking this Vajjiram fish(Kingfish in Tamil), and This vitamin is soluble in water. Vitamin B6 is beneficial for the production of proteins, carbohydrates, metabolism, and red blood cells. Our body does not make such vitamins on its own, and we have to take these vitamins only through food. If we consume these fish as food, we can get vitamin B6.

4. VitaminC

Vitamin C we can also obtain by eating these kingfish. This vitamin C protects our body from some microbes and viruses and boosts our immune system. Vitamin C is very important for producing collagen protein in our body. Vitamin C is necessary for our body to absorb the iron in food for proper heart function.

5. Protein

The protein in these kingfish is helpful for tissue, new cell production, and repairing damaged cells. The protein in this kingfish is very important for muscle growth and keeping our body shape correct. (Kingfish in Malayalam)

6. Source of omega-3 fatty acids

The omega-3 fatty acids present in these Vajjiram (Kingfish in Malayalam) fish reduce the bad cholesterol in our blood, so the blood flows freely in the blood vessels, thus preventing heart-related diseases. Moreover, we can avoid problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia due to Omega 3.

7. Fiber

The fiber in these Sakala fish (Kingfish in Marathi) helps remove impurities from our body, and This fiber is helpful to remove excess weight, digest the food we eat correctly, and remove digestive problems.

8. Potassium

Potassium in this King fish helps us keep the nerves in our body healthy, prevent heart attacks, control blood pressure, and prevent diseases like paralysis.

9. complex carbohydrates

In this fish, we get healthy complex carbohydrates, and Medical experts say that 40 percent of the food we eat should be carbohydrates. One gram of carbohydrate contains four calories of energy, and Since the carbohydrates in these fish digest slowly, glucose levels do not rise quickly.

10. Calcium

We also get calcium in this fish (Kingfish in Telugu), and This calcium is helpful to control the cholesterol in the blood and keep the blood pressure under control. Moreover, we can also get relief from joint pains that occur naturally in old age.

11. Magnesium

Over 300 chemical reactions happen in our body in which magnesium plays an important role. Medical experts say that magnesium can convert blood sugar in our body into energy.

12. Zink

The zinc present in these Kadal viral(Kingfish in Malayalam) fish is very useful in preventing hair fall and dandruff. If zinc is low in our body, then the child’s growth will also not be good.

13. VitaminD

Calcium is generally present in our food, but our body needs vitamin D to get this calcium. We get this vitamin D in abundance in these kingfishes. We usually get vitamin D through sunlight, but only fish contains vitamin D in foods. (Kingfish in Marathi)


Medical experts have found that up to 70 percent of the mercury enters our body through fish. Because of the mercury in these fish, it is better if young children and pregnant women do not eat them. The information in this article is for educational purposes only, so this information you should not use for health purposes; ask your doctor how to use this Vajjiram (Kingfish in Tamil) fish and its health benefits and use this fish only as per their advice. (Kingfish in Telugu)

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