love failure quotes in tamil

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Love failure quotes in tamil

love failure quotes in tamil
love failure quotes in tamil
And love failure quotes
And love failure quotes
love failure quotes
love failure quotes
true love quotes in tamil
true love quotes in tamil
heart touching love quotes in tamil
heart touching love quotes in tamil
Love contains sacrifice, and it doesn’t want any reward. And Love Desires the happiness of the neighbor, desires the good of the neighbor but does not show anger towards others. Mother takes care of us from childhood. We do not pay any kind of reward for her services; this is called love. Now lets know about love failure quotes in tamil,sad love quotes in tamil Informational,true love quotes in tamil,fake love quotes in tamil,heart touching love quotes in tamil.

Parent’s Love(Love failure quotes in tamil)

Parents work hard for our future, earn a lot of money for us, acquire properties, and think for us. When we see beautiful girls, we should thank God, who made them that way but not be slaves to that beauty. Facial beauty becomes food for worms someday, and no one talks about that beauty again. But when we do good deeds out of love, those good deeds will make people remember us for a long time.(sad love quotes in tamil ) But these days, the meaning of love has been completely changed. We should show love to help the poor. In old age, we should show love to honor our parents. We should show love to help our neighbors in need; we should love our family. Love is a supremely noble personal quality.

Greatness of Love

Love lasts forever, but attraction fades quickly. There is no better quality in this world than love; We should all have love. Love kills anger, jealousy, and envy. It gives us the ability to respect children and elders. He who is in the habit of loving all has no enemies in this world. Love makes everyone our friends.We must practice every day to have love and behave with love. Some people do not have love, do not help the poor, respect their parents, and do not respect the little children and the elderly. And such people, love arises only when they see beautiful girls. Love lasts forever in this world. Even if everything in this world perishes, love will last till the end. If you have love, even if you have no beauty, that love gives you a higher beauty and sets your personality in the highest place.
He who sees love only in a beautiful face
he cannot see the beauty of his mother’s love
Do not think the charm of youth is love
There is no one stronger than he who sees mother and sister in every woman. 
The attraction of youth is not love
The time lost in the world of imagination will not return. (love failure quotes in tamil)
It is natural to look at a beautiful face once
But seeing a second time is your weakness.
Love is a personality only but it is not the girl’s beauty
Don’t be addicted to beauty
Increase the beauty of your life.
Youth is only one part of your life  
Life is not youth. (fake love quotes in tamil )
He who conquers the attraction
He will conquer half of life’s problems.
Don’t get used to loving
That disease will not leave you even after marriage      
A beautiful girl with no wise is like the ring that wears to a pig’s nose 

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