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Love involves sacrifice that expects no reward. Desires the happiness of brothers and sisters, seeks the good of neighbors but does not show anger towards others. Mother takes care of us from childhood and we do not pay any kind of reward for her services, this is called love .Now let,s know about, Heart touching love quotes in telugu, emotional heart touching love quotes in telugu and love failure quotes in telugu

Heart touching  quotes

heart touching love quotes in telugu
heart touching love quotes in telugu

God also says that we should respect our parents because they work hard for our future, earn a lot of money for us, acquire property and think for us. When we see beautiful girls we should thank God who made them that way and not be slaves to that beauty. Facial beauty will become food for worms one day   and no one will talk about that beauty again. But when we do good deeds with  love, those good deeds make us long remembered by all.

But these days people have completely changed the meaning of love. We should show love to help the poor, we should show love to honor our parents in old age, we should show love to help our neighbors in need, we should love our family and Love is a supremely noble personal quality

(emotional heart touching love quotes in telugu)
(emotional heart touching love quotes in telugu)

Love lasts forever but attraction fades quickly. There is no better quality in this world than love and we all should have love. Good love kills anger, envy, and jealousy, and gives us the ability to respect children and elders. One who is in the habit of loving all has no enemies in this world and love makes everyone our friend.

Love failure quotes in Telugu

We must practice every day to have love, to act lovingly toward others. Some people don’t know love, they don’t help the poor, they don’t respect their parents, they don’t respect the little ones and the elderly. For such people love arises only when they see beautiful girls it is not love but attraction. Love is eternal in this world and even if everything in this world perishes, love will last till the end. If you have love, that love gives you a higher beauty and places your personality in a higher position  . So we must learn to speak carefully. Soft words from the mouth cool anger. So above all else we should learn to speak first. Some people grow old but their mind doesn’t grow. The words they speak constantly hurt the hearts of their neighbors. Learn to call others by name while talking.

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