Motivational quotes in Hindi

If you speak in anger, you will lose character.
And If you talk too much you will lose your composure.
If you talk unnecessarily, you will lose the meaning.
And If you talk arrogantly, you will lose love.
If you tell lies you will lose your good name.
And If you think and speak, you will live separately.(Motivational quotes in hindi)

Hi Friends Silent people have some better qualities than talkative people. People who talk less are calmer than people who talk more. People do not criticize quick those who speak less. Great people like Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg are all in the silent category. The success rate is also higher among those who are silent. Being silent also has some health benefits.

Generally our brain needs rest. Being silent gives a lot of rest to silent people brain. The following traits are found in those who are generally silent.

1. They are sensible (Motivational quotes in hindi)

People who talk less are smarter. They listen carefully to the words of those who are talking to them, think and give the right answer. They are good listeners and listen attentively to those who are talking to them and  people also like listeners very much.

2. They are intelligent People

The people who talk less are more intelligent. We can share all our secrets with such people, because they don’t tell our secrets to anyone. Similarly, they do not have the habit of talking negatively about us.
Those who talk less do not argue much with anyone, so they also have fewer enemies.

3. Good heart

People who talk less have better behaviour. Their friendship is more wonderful than any other friend we have. Abraham Lincoln said that we make fools of ourselves if we speak against others. He said that it is better to being silent in the eyes of others.

4. They are patience People

The people who talk less also have more courage,And also have more patience. Usually those who fail are more frustrated, but the silent persons accept defeat. Those who talk less often try again to succeed. They don’t waste their time to talk waste words.

5. They don’t waste their time

T he persons who talk less don’t waste their time and Such people do not engage in time-wasting discussions.

6. People who speak less are never afraid

People who talk less spend most of their time on themselves. They are constantly thinking about how to improve themselves and how to achieve their goals. If you want to be silent, read more books. Reading books improves your knowledge and also makes you habit of being silent.

motivational quotes in hindi

Motivational quotes in hindi
Motivational quotes in hindi
Motivational quotes in hindi
Motivational quotes in hindi

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