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Natural vibe

We don’t know about many kinds of wonders on the earth we live in. We are not old enough to know the earth was created by God. This earth is like a tiny particle in an infinite creation. Man is never greater than God. We are created by God. God foresaw the needs of man and arranged them on earth. (Natural vibe)


    We all have the responsibility to protect this earth created by God. We have to keep other beings alive as well as ourselves. No matter what country we belong to, we all should be united. Today the atmosphere in the world is polluted due to the development of industrialization. Due to the wastes that industries are dumping into the rivers, marine life is rapidly dying. Many species of animals are rapidly becoming extinct.


Due to industrialization, the climate is causing high temperatures. Therefore, there is a possibility of snow melting and big accidents. Man’s science and technology are making man’s life easier, but it is not able to increase his life span. We can say that science which cannot increase the life span of man is futile. Science invented by man is not useful for the development of moral values ​​in a man. Science has only developed pride and arrogance in man without developing love. The civilization that man has achieved has not been able to develop in him even the slightest bit of truth, morality, and realism. (Natural vibe)

Green land is turning into dry land due to human wars. These days the weapons invented by humans are causing climate pollution and natural disasters. If all people love each other, there will be no problems. If we have love, we want the development of other people and the development of other nations. Love is the only weapon to keep mankind, other creatures, and nature happy and green. So we must practice having love. When we practice loving others every day, we can receive that love perfectly. ( Natural vibe)


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