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Pomfret fish in tamil, Telugu and Chanduva fish

These fishes are perciform fishes belonging to the Bramidae family. All the fishes in this family are also important food sources for humans these days, and there are eight essential species in this family. Brama fish is a major source of fish food, especially in South Asia. These pomfret fish were formerly known as Pomflet fish, a word from the Portuguese word “Pampo”. The meat of this pomfret fish is white to look at. This fish is found in many oceans worldwide, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Norwegian, Mediterranean, and Sea of ​​Japan. Now let’s know about Pomfret fish in Tamil, Pomfret fish in Telugu, Chanduva fish, and sanduva fish. This fish is called Tamil: “Vavaal.” (Pomfret fish in Tamil) This Pomfret fish is called in Telugu : Tella chanduva, Nalla chanduva. (Pomfret fish in Telugu) There are different types of these fish.

1.white Pomfret or Silver pomfret.

These silver pomfrets are usually white in colour, and These fishes grow in weight from four kg to six kg. But due to the high hunting of this  fish in the sea, we cannot find fish bigger than one kg. As this fish is tasty to eat, there is a good demand for this fish in Indo, Asia and Pacific places.

2.Black Pomfret

Black pomfret fish belongs to the “carangid” species, and this fish lives mainly in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean regions. And this fish is said to be the main fish of the local fishermen for hunting. This Black pomfret fish has small dark grey scales that cover the whole body. The fork of this black pomfret The measurement is up to 30 cm, but its length is up to 75 cm. These fish mostly become food for other fish and marine animals, and It was found that this Black Pomfret fish can live up to seven years.

3.Atlantic Pomfret

Atlantic pomfrets are very important commercially, and This fish is also known as Black sea bream and angel fish. This fish spends most of its life at a depth of 1,000 meters in the sea. The fish has good demand in China and other parts of South Asia.
Also, there are Pacific Pomfret, Indian Pomfret and Gray Pomfret.

Benefits of Pomfret fish


These fish are high in protein and low in calories, so those who want to lose weight can eat this fish without a doubt.

2.Omega 3 fatty acids

Like all fish, this fish also contains omega-three fatty acids, and These omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the human body. These omega threes, in this fish, remove the bad cholesterol from the blood vessels, make the blood flow properly, and improve the eyesight.


The iron in pomfret fish can prevent diseases like anaemia, and iron helps to supply oxygen from the lungs to all body parts.


Zinc deficiency in our body causes hair loss, dandruff, and poor growth in children and Zinc deficiency causes testosterone problems in men. Immunity power also decreases.


Magnesium in our body can convert blood sugar into energy. Magnesium helps in the proper functioning of our brain’s and enzymes.(sanduva fish in telugu)


Selenium is one of our body’s nutrients, and It belongs to the list of antioxidants. Doctors say that eating foods containing selenium can cure fertility problems. Selenium also prevents cancer cells from growing, and Medical experts say that people with thyroid problems should also eat foods containing selenium. For this purpose, we need to consult our doctors.


Phosphorus is beneficial for the excellent formation of bones and teeth. Minerals in these fish and the consumption of these fish can boost our immune system. And the metabolism also increases.(sanduva fish in telugu)

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