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Every day we talk nonsense. Talking like that will not serve any purpose in our life. A word that establishes peace and reconciliation is very beneficial. The word that comes out of your mouth determines your status in society. The words that come out of your mouth reveal your personality. The word that comes from your mouth will turn many into your enemies. And The word that comes out of your mouth makes many of your friends. The word that comes out of your mouth makes you a leader, even the word that comes out of your mouth makes you a beggar. Now let’s know about telugu quotes,life quotes in telugu,heart touching life quotes in telugu,inspirational quotes in telugu,motivational quotes in telugu,emotional quotes in telugu

life quotes in telugu

Language is the only thing that separates man from other animals. All living things have different types of organs, like human beings. But they don’t have a language; they don’t have a language to express their feelings. Man is unique in this creation. What makes man unique in this creation is only speech.

heart touching life quotes

Language is God’s gift to man. You can hurt someone with the words of your mouth. You can also heal many wounds with the same word of mouth. Soft words from your mouth turn away anger. A wound done by hand heals quickly, but a wound done by words is remembered for life. Don’t talk about others when you talk. In this society, every human has a level that cannot be bought by money. Your rank in society is determined by the soft words that come from your mouth. The words of your mouth decide whether you are a good person or a wrong person. Our hand can move only one man, but the word of your mouth can move thousands.

Do not speak angrily when talking to others; you will lose your quality if you speak like that. If you talk too much with others, you lose your composure. If you talk unnecessarily, you will lose your meaning. Don’t talk with arrogance and pride; if you talk like that, you will lose your love for others. Love is so strong that love turns many into your friends. You should never tell lies; you will lose your good name if you tell lies. If you think and speak according to your need, you can live differently than everyone else in society. (heart touching quotes in telugu )

Inspirational quotes

The words that come from our mouths are precious, so we should not talk in vain. That’s why even Jesus said that you will be judged, whether you are good or bad, by the words of your mouth. Jesus said that you need to give an account to God for every word that comes out of your mouth.

Motivational quotes in telugu

In ancient times, a young king used to rule the kingdom. He succeeded his father on the throne. All the people in that king’s kingdom came to him one day and begged him to remove your father’s pain because he had hurt us so much. But the young king proudly replied that my little finger is heavier for you than my father’s waist. In that words, all the people of that country rebelled against that king and divided his kingdom into two parts. A harsh word brought down the king’s kingdom. So we must recognize that the words that come out of our mouths are very important. (inspirational quotes in telugu)

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