General knowledge telugu

General Knowledge telugu is a very important thing these days for every competitive exam as well. Let’s discuss how to read and memorize this general knowledge. Memorizing general knowledge questions through some shortcut methods and codes is very difficult these days. (Now let’s know about, General knowledge telugu ,questions with answers for kids, and 10th class and grade 1)

Only those who have full knowledge of the subject can answer, and nowadays, questions are given in the same way in exams. You can give a correct answer only when you learn a subject clearly, clearly, and comprehensively. These days short, cut methods and codes are not very useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams. One should be able to read a subject comprehensively and prepare questions on one’s own. Such a person can answer any question given to him. in the form of bits we should never learn.(general knowledge telugu)
Let us know the difference between general knowledge and general studies

1. General Knowledge telugu

Questions that never change are called general knowledge questions. Experts divide these questions into three types: questions related to social studies and science and stock questions (Unchanged questions).

2. General Studies telugu

These are questions related to the present tense, which is constantly changing. This section contains all questions related to social studies, questions related to science, current affairs, arithmetic, reasoning, etc. To Get more knowledge in general studies, you should read academy books and NCERT books well from 5th class to 10th class to understand the fundamentals properly.(general knowledge telugu)


The first thing that every single student who is writing competitive exams should note is the syllabus for his competitive exam. You should look at the syllabus to know the topics based on which the questions in General Studies are going to be given. Among the publications available in the market, you should first select the publication that is closest to your syllabus. If a special edition for your exam is available in the market, then prefer it first. No matter how good you are in General Studies subject, you cannot answer 100% of the questions. But there is no need to be afraid of General Studies subject. Once you look at the previous question papers, you will understand how deeply you need to read the questions. (general knowledge for kids )

current affairs

Current Affairs are also very important in every competitive exam. In general studies, you cannot answer 100% of questions, but in current affairs, there is a chance to answer 100% of questions correctly. For all the questions in current affairs, we can say that these marks are in our hands. One or two magazines should be strictly followed for current affairs. In this current affairs, the matters related to the state, country, and the world should be observed carefully.(general knowledge telugu)

separate notebook

Take a separate notebook for current affairs. In  This notebook, you should include awards, sports, Names of the persons in the news, science, technology, and conferences. Etc. We should also study stock GK questions related to the present current affairs. (grade 1 questions)(general knowledge questions with answers)



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