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salmon fish (Salmon fish in Telugu) 


Salmon fish (salmon fish in Telugu).These fish are mostly found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the rivers that join them. In the Atlantic Ocean, there is only one type of Atlantic salmon called “Salmo salar.” However, in the Pacific Ocean, there are varieties of salmon fish such as pink, chummu, saki, koho, chinuk, and amago. Salmon fish come into the rivers to lay their eggs and deposit the eggs under small rocks in the river. Thus these eggs are protected from debris from rivers and eel fish. These fish eggs are orange in color and about the size of a pea. In these eggs, we can see the eyes of these fish.We see the little ones after the eggs hatch called “Alevins.” When they can swim freely in the water, they are called fry at this stage, so they leave rivers.Now let’s know about, Salmon fish in Telugu name, Salmon  fish in  Telugu meaning, Salmon fish in Telugu price, Salmon fish uses  in telugu.

Omega 3 fatty acids are usually very high in salmon fish. Omega 3 fatty acids help remove bad cholesterol from our bodies and allow good cholesterol to develop in the body. As a result, excess fat is not stored in our body, so it can be said that heart diseases almost do not reach us.

salmon fish in Telugu name

This fish is also called Telugu ” “Megha” fish or “Budatha Mega” fish in some places. But there is no local name for salmon fish in Telugu.

Salmon fish uses in Telugu.

However, scientists say that salmon, which is a sea fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, will give us better results to us. Scientific studies show that eating salmon, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, is more beneficial than eating other meats that do not offer many health benefits. Many people are affected by heart disease every year in the present day, and there may be many reasons for it, but the main reason for heart attack is the increase of cholesterol in the blood vessels, as a result of which the blood supply to the heart is not good.

Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon fish reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood and increase the good cholesterol.Doctors say that salmon   can prevent heart diseases and keep the heart healthy, but also those who are overweight can lose weight. Doctors say that omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon can help relieve high blood pressure. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the level of bad cholesterol in our blood to a great extent. Omega 3 fatty acids work well for healthy heart muscles. In addition, salmon is very useful in reducing saturated fat also. Medical experts say that the protein content of salmon is very high compared to other fish.
Vitamins and minerals that our body needs are also abundant in salmon fish. These are very useful for joints, eyes, and muscles.Some people generally have forgetfulness, and if they eat something like salmon fish, it acts as fodder for their brain. Dermatologist advises eating salmon fish for glowing skin.


  • According to the USDA, 100 grams of salmon fish provides 20 grams of protein.
  • Forty-six grams of protein per day is required for women 14 years and older.
  • The body needs proteins; if the proteins are low, muscle power in our body strength is reduced.

Vitamin A:

  • Vitamin A is abundant in salmon.
  • If you are deficient in vitamin A, you should eat salmon fish.(salmon fish in telugu meaning)
  • Vitamin A not only boosts the immune system but is also very beneficial for reproduction and eyesight.

Vitamin D:

  • We also find vitamin D in salmon, and Vitamin D also helps in boosting immunity.(salmon fish in telugu meaning)
  • We get most of our vitamin D from sunlight, but the only dietary vitamin D source is salmon fish.
  • Vitamin D helps our bones absorb calcium and keep our bones strong.

Vitamin B 12:

We also get vitamin B12 in salmon fish, but if we are deficient in this vitamin, we get symptoms like lethargy and constipation.

Vitamin b3:

  • We also get vitamin B3 in salmon fish. This vitamin turns the food we eat into energy for us.
  • Vitamin B3 also helps in improving the functioning of our cells.


Selenium in salmon helps regulate thyroid hormones in our body.


Salmon fish is rich in iron.

  • Iron is essential for various body processes in our body; iron helps carry oxygen from the lungs to many tissues. (salmon fish uses in telugu )

salmon fish in Telugu price,

The price of salmon fish can be around Rs 450 to Rs 1250 per kg. Eating salmon fish in this way has many health benefits. Experts suggest eating salmon for joint pain also. The cartilage is damaged when the knees wear out. It is rare for this soft tissue to develop in our legs. However, one study showed that eating salmon fish can develop this tissue. We need to ask our doctors how salmon fish is good for our health.(salmon fish in telugu price)

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